Who are we?

Bob & Danielle

In 2005, after a long search, it was love at first sight when we came across "our" square farmhouse. First, we renovated our private house, where we then moved in with our three boys. We began converting the remaining buildings into apartments for permanent living after a six-month break. In 2020, we decided to change course and go for a new challenge. In 2021, this resulted in two attractive During 2022, we expanded the farmhouse with two more beautiful holiday residences. In total, Hoeve de Reetjens now contains four holiday homes with room for 18 people.

Bob, who worked in management and executive positions within the commercial healthcare industry until 2020, is involved daily in making guests as comfortable as possible. Danielle works in special education and is an interior stylist. On weekends, Danielle provides support wherever needed. With our enthusiasm and personal touch, we hope to give our guests a beautiful memory of their stay in the Haspengouw region!